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China construction machinery high-end parts TuWeiZhan began

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May 12, 2009, the state council promulgated the equipment manufacturing industry adjust and revitalize the planning ", the basic parts of the products will be the development on the very important position, will improve the basis supporting level as one of the goals of planning. Proposed through the equipment is changed independently, drive the foundation form a complete set product development. Relying on the product demand, raise a level based technology, the development of special raw materials, reverse foundation form a complete set of imported products mainly depends on the situation.

On October 11, 2010, issued by the ministry of industry and information to the basic mechanical spare parts industry revitalization plan ", definitely put forward, to speed up the pace of development bottleneck breakthrough key parts, constantly meet every field equipment and strategic emerging industry development needs. Through three years of effort expected, break through a number of basic parts manufacturing key technology, cultivate a group of internationally competitive professional strong basis of enterprises and famous brand parts; Major equipment parts matching capacity based increased from 70% to above.

In 2011 the new "issued by the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue (in 2011, the)". In the equipment manufacturing field, main highlight seven content, which is about the two parts, one is targeting the vulnerable areas, strive to improve basic technology, basic materials, basic components and other basic manufacturing capacity; Two is to highlight the key link, pay more attention to improve the key equipment manufacturing capacity and key parts matching capacity.

July 31, 2011, letter of industrial company work equipment and China construction machinery industry association in shandong Qingdao have held a "joint China construction machinery industry '1025' development planning news conference". The planning of the sixth largest item--1025 the focus of development and main task, would "improve technology level of key parts and manufacturing level" in the first place, refined to the following three key contents: one, improve engineering machinery products supporting power performance; Second, pay attention to the engineering mechanical hydraulic components of the product development and refinement, high scale manufacturing; Three, special driving part of the reliability and durability systematic research and development.

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