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Industry dynamics

Engineering machinery need to increase investment in science and technology to get the new breakthrough

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In 2011, construction machinery industry enterprise investment in science and technology continue to increase, strengthen the scientific research strength. Such as tianjin engineering machinery research institute increasing investment, to adjust the strategic direction, to serve the industry, and actively participate in the work of the letter "engineering machinery high pressure hydraulic components and system application industrialization and cooperative work platform" of the preparatory work; Jiangsu xuzhou construction machinery research institute since foundation, in jiangsu province and the financial department of the key support and Germany the efforts of the group, make great efforts to build up the international first-class engineering machinery technology research and development institutions; Vanda heavy branch established last year national concrete mechanical engineering technology research center this year the science and technology innovation work made new progress; This year were approved by the ministry of science and technology shares liugong become China's only "earthwork machinery industry national engineering technology research center", this is our country earthwork machinery industry in scientific research and development, technology innovation and industrialization demonstration important base, of our country's turkmen machinery industry technology development and achievements of the first-class level. Komatsu investment established global first-class engineering machinery products technology development center-komatsu Chinese products in changzhou technology development center built before the opening.

In 2011, the national mechanical industry total of 22 progress prize in science and technology of engineering machinery products and technology awards.

Scientific research strength that the technological innovation and industry to strengthen technological progress and the market fast pace of development of the progress of the keep a good consistency, 2011 high-end product emerge in endlessly, important technical equipment and get new breakthrough. For example: 2000,, and the 3000-ton of crawler crane, 800 tons, 1200 type all the ground cranes, 12 tons of loader, and tons of internal combustion balance weight type forklift, 520 horsepower bulldozers and dump 260 tons of electric wheels and successively in Germany, vanda, trinity, liugong, anhui union and hill pushed, the north available shares, reflecting China construction machinery enterprise the improvement of independent innovation ability, has had to high-end, large-scale products of research ability.

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