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Construction machinery industry no longer far warmer

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In 2012 is expected to net profit growth industry down to 5-15%. On one hand, commodity house, high iron and other investment growth will decline; On the other hand, the change of government and "1025" planning will push factors such as room, water conservancy project, ensure environmental protection and people's engineering investment rose, expect 2012 town fixed asset investment growth to a small drop to about 20%, mechanical industry growth dropped to net profit 5-15%.

Construction machinery industry thaw need to be in the second half of next year. The boom of industry is still in the short term troughs, the second half of next year is expected to pick up. Construction machinery industry is still in the short term to run win grail, long-term investors can begin to pay close attention to valuations already nearly historic lows of the industry leading company: trinity heavy industry, etc. The overall energy equipment to keep the boom of high, medium and long-term development prospects look good. (1) coal machinery industry, "1025" during will keep steady growth of around 20%, attention to the fully mechanized, high-end direction of successful transformation of the company: the heaven and earth science and technology, zheng plough. (2) the coal chemical, natural gas industry will have rapid development.

Railway equipment and nuclear power equipment attention related national policy signals next year. Emu bidding short-term stagnation, pickup trucks, the subway vehicle of the tender is still at the stage; Next year the planning and investment on railway train bidding. Nuclear power project is expected to restart early next year, will good heavy machinery and related equipment company.

In the era of the financial crisis, global economic fluctuations, market "active belt of the transfer, industry the rise of emerging force and traditional giant the answer what the and so on, are reshaping the new pattern of mechanical industry, and the entire industry to unprecedented historical stage and pass. Machinery industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. The results show that the illustrations by that, in the machinery industry twelve industry, more than half of the respondents (51.9%) of agricultural machinery industry is very good; Basic parts industry, followed by 40.3% of those surveyed said they were basic parts industry also confident; Third machine tool industry, close to 30% of the respondents (27.8%) good machine tool industry. And the value of the internal combustion engine industry entrepreneur less than 10%, the lowest confidence index. Nearly time flagging international economic situation, institutions are the world economy and has cut the growth of China's economy speed. Some scholars, institutions of China's economic prospects of pessimism. Despite the current economic situation is not optimistic, and the officials and scholars warned enterprise the suspension of the expansion. And for this problem, according to the results of the survey, there are still 42.3% of enterprise operation status and think that next year than this year will be better. 32.6% of respondents thought to the same as in 2011, and about 10.5% of the enterprise is pessimistic attitude. Another 14.4% of enterprise gave no clear answer, choose the "not sure" this option.

2012 is the "1025" the next year, all kinds of industrial development plans in place, encourage and guide the corporation investment development strategic detailed rules for the implementation of the new industry started on track, so annual investment growth is not pessimistic, in the questionnaire of "enterprise by sector overall operating condition", enterprise subordinate to the attitude of the industry also obviously different. 33.7% of the decision makers are full of confidence, think oneself enterprise by sector a year ahead of situation will become better. 36.5% of the decision makers said industry status and the same as in 2011. While 15.3% of decision makers are pessimistic attitude, think industry situation will become more bad. Some 14.4% of the enterprise decision makers are given to this "not sure" answer.

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