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Industry dynamics

Mold industry in our country export market analysis

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China's export of casting die, currently concentrated in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea and so on, part of the mould of export enterprises have accounted for more than 30% of total output value. More and more high quality probably die casting die, the mould common is with makings fastidious, well made, size of high precision, meet customer standards, service life and casting quality achieved the international advanced level, also have clear price advantage. Our country not only die-casting molds top domestic customers attracted, and attract the general, the United States such as north American Chrysler world-class auto giant eye, they have several times sent experts to visit the mainland, we have in collaboration with each other. Our country mould exports to Europe car chassis die casting die because oil price advantage of strong, advanced design, exquisite production by foreign recognition, repeatedly additional orders.

From the national macro policies, industry development, the international and domestic market capacity to see, large complex precision casting mold and die casting mould in domestic and international market huge, only the world car industry giant American Chrysler a in China for mould design and manufacture the intent of mould order of 300 million RMB, as long as the cooperation company technology equipment strength are achievable orders, so large precise mould project investment is according to the theory and practice.

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