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In 2011 the achievements of mechanical industry admirably

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2011 years in mechanical industry economic operation of the achievements summed up in four aspects: first, the product to the pace of the high-end upgrade accelerated; Second, the key basic parts research new breakthroughs in; Third, the development of modern manufacturing services extend the industry chain has some new weather; Fourth, the regional structure continue to move in the direction of the industrial policy expected adjustment.

Since this year, mechanical industry structure upgrade of the progress it is encouraging. Instrument industry in automation instrument production grew 10% above average, main business profit margins to 10%, and also some high-end products through the "export turns sale in domestic market" way to get the domestic customers approval. Wen run past by foreign capital control long-term industry this year, the market share of domestic product rose from 12% to 14%, 2% higher than last year, a 4% increase from the previous year. In the severe environment influence, the machinery industry did not appear planned economy period of finished goods, accounts receivable backlog growth abnormal condition, which shows the deepening of the reform of the mechanical industry development, as the main body of market, enterprise self control risk and constraint ability increase apparently.

Based on research in key parts, construction machinery industry is the key parts production made some progress. Hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve relative to the hydraulic oil cylinder technology content is higher, although at present domestic haven't enterprise really realize mass form a complete set, but a large number of outstanding domestic enterprise to revive national industry as our mission, to walk with China mechanical "Chinese core".

In the development of modern manufacturing the service industry, some industry enterprise achievement of conspicuous. Shanghai electric (group) Co., LTD. Of Shanghai electric power station group in power plant project general contracting, equipment financing lease, maintenance, modern logistics, equipment integration, engineering design development modern manufacturing services, and gradually form a batch of modern manufacturing services's flagship product, have achieved good economic benefits and social benefits. Among them, the power generation equipment EPC projects (namely turn-key project) is the fastest growing in recent years service products. Construction machinery industry xugong group through the call center, after-sales service and spare parts management, remote services, e-commerce platform construction, etc, and gradually realize the enterprise from the product manufacturing to product value-added services transformation.

Since this year mechanical industrial area structure adjustment to the policy direction is expected to continue. From see value in the first half of the eastern, central and western regions mechanical gross industrial output value is 5.4 trillion yuan respectively, 1.67 trillion yuan and 0.81 trillion yuan, year-on-year growth of 25.15%, respectively, 32.75% and 28.94%, the central and western regions continue to grow faster fast in the east. In central and western areas in the machinery industry in the proportion of the year-on-year increase of 1.19 and 0.24% respectively, the eastern fell 1.43%. Look from the investment, the first half of the eastern, central and western regions were complete investment in the fixed assets 688.6 billion yuan, 343.8 billion yuan and 154.4 billion yuan, invest in central and western areas respectively on the fast growth of 20.08 and 13.36%.

For the year 2011, is expected to CaiWeiCi throughout the year is expected to double-digit growth, of which about 15% increase value added of industry; Production and sales growth is expected to 25%; Profit growth is expected to be around 16%; Export growth is expected to be around 24%, import and export trade, including processing trade to realize a few surplus. In addition, expect 2012 machinery industry economy operation speed will smooth tone in the gentle dropped, but are still expected to continue to realize annual double-digit growth. Production and sales growth of 20% is expected to, mechanical product prices will remain stable; Profit growth will be lower than production, is expected to be around 14%; Export growth is expected to be around 20%.

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